In a footballing world where the manager is often a self-propelling celebrity farrago, Brian Clough remains as insistent as he was in the days when every city in the UK had at least one bronze Clough statue and a handful of life-sized effigies in their front gardens.

“Clough: The Autobiography” is an autobiography of Brian Clough, one of British history’s most successful and controversial football managers. Clough is regarded as one of the greatest managers ever, having led Nottingham Forest to two European Cups victories and Derby County to the English First Division title. Keep reading this post to learn more about his autobiography.

About the book

The book was written by Brian Clough himself and was first published in 1995. In the book, Clough shares his personal and professional experiences, from his humble beginnings as a young player to his successful career as a manager. Clough was inspired to write his autobiography to share his life story and to give his own perspective on some of the major events of his career.

Throughout the book, Clough discusses his playing career, his managerial philosophy, his relationship with his players and staff, and his infamous falling-out with former Leeds United player Don Revie. The book also covers some of the more controversial moments of Clough’s career, such as his sacking from Leeds United and his strained relationship with the media.

Clough also provides insights into his unique and innovative management style and his approach to building successful teams. He describes his experiences with some legendary football figures of his time, including Bill Shankly and Peter Taylor.

What inspired him to write this book?

Throughout his career, Clough had been a highly controversial figure, with a reputation for being outspoken and sometimes confrontational. He had also achieved great success as a football player and manager, winning numerous titles and accolades.

Clough wanted to use his autobiography to set the record straight on some of the controversies surrounding his career and share his insights and experiences with fans of the sport. He also wanted to provide an honest and personal account of his life, including his upbringing and his personal struggles.

Clough wrote his autobiography to document his life and career and share his unique perspective on the game of football.

All in All

“Clough: The Autobiography” provides a fascinating insight into the life and career of one of the most influential figures in British football history. It is a must-read for anyone interested in football, particularly those who admire Brian Clough’s unique and often controversial approach to the game.

It is a remarkable achievement and a reminder that if he was a great player, he also managed to become one of the greatest managers of his generation. It is a testament to his skill and passion for the game that he is still in the public eye, not just because of the large number of bronze effigies erected in recent years.