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Brian Clough

Welcome to this is a website that is dedicated to the legend that is Brian Clough. There is a number of other websites that are out there that are set up in tribute to Brian Clough. This website is not being set up to rival or copy any of the information on those websites and we don’t want to show the same information that those websites have on them. This is a website that will show videos and quotes that many ” Cloughie ” fans enjoy seeing.

You can also write your own tributes to Cloughie on here, we will be happy to have any genuine Cloughie fans contributing on this website, maybe you have met Brian Clough and have a story to tell. Maybe it is just your favorite Cloughie story that you like hearing and want to share it with all the other Brian Clough fans that are out their. Because websites, social media and you tube are all frequently used by people all over the world we aim to use these tools to show all we can about Brian Clough.

If you have anything you want to add, whether it’s a video, picture or story about Brian Clough then contact us via the contact form and we will be happy to post your tribute or article.

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